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Top 15 YouTube Bodybuilding Channels

View & Work Your Way Towards a Better Body:
The Top 15 YouTube Bodybuilding & Muscle Gain Channels


In today’s world where it seems as if we rely for every bit of information that we need on the Internet, it is no wonder why websites like YouTube has become a hit. What was once a website for funny viral videos accessed by a few hundred people has now turned into an all-in-one video website where you can view videos of everything – from television clips to movie trailers, or music videos to instructional videos – and is being accessed by millions of online users from around the world.

The popularity of YouTube has a site also has spawned the popularity of YouTube channels. If there’s a particular artist that you like, for example, you can ‘follow’ his or her YouTube channel and be updated about the latest videos of your favorite artists posted on the site.

The same thing holds true for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. If you would like to work on bodybuilding or muscle gain, there are YouTube bodybuilding channels that you can subscribe to, which will give you complete access to the latest workout videos posted by your favorite fitness trainer.

Rather than having to pop in an exercise video in the player, you can go ahead and check out the YouTube bodybuilding channel every now and then. As a result, you can view all the latest videos in the channel and use it as a guide for your fitness workout – so that you can get maximum results in the least time possible.

Top 15 YouTube Bodybuilding Channels

So which are considered to be the best YouTube bodybuilding channels on the popular video site today? Take a look at the following list which includes a brief description of each.

1. Craig Ballantyne’s Athletic Channel

Craig Ballantyne is the author of the bestselling e-book Turbulence Training for Fat Loss. In his YouTube bodybuilding channel, he provides video examples of how beginners can use the interval training for their fitness routines. Aside from subscribing to his YouTube channel, you can also check out more of his Turbulence Training workout videos at his official website.

2. BodyRock.TV Channel

When looking for the best YouTube bodybuilding channel to subscribe to, you naturally would be looking for the qualifications that the instructor on the trainer has. BodyRock TV is a channel where most of the videos feature Suzanne Andrews. She is the host of Functional Fitness
on PBS TV.

BodyRock TV is actually unique in the sense that the bodybuilding and muscle gain exercises are specifically designed for people with osteoporosis. As an occupational health practitioner, Andrews is more than qualified to teach basic fitness instructions. Aside from those with back problems,peoplewho are over 40 are also recommended to flock to this YouTube bodybuilding channel.

3. Evolution Fitness Channel

Connor Kelly is a personal trainer in Toronto who is known for his ‘Michelle Obama’ arm workout. It was featured in a recent issue of Viva magazine, and his 15 years of experience in the fitness industry is more than enough qualification for him to create this YouTube bodybuilding channel entitled Evolution Fitness.  Kelly is also a personal trainer, a motivational speaker and a former strength athlete.

Even if you are not trying to work on simply having great looking arms, the other videos in this channel will be useful for providing you tips on how you can have a total body workout.

4. FreeStyle Fitness TV Channel

FreeStyle Fitness is the project of owner Matthew Green, which he translated into his very own fitness channel. He has successfully served as a keynote speaker and motivator who helps people achieve an elite performance level in their fitness routines. In one of the fitness videos called “Overcoming Barriers” in his YouTube bodybuilding channel, Green talks about how he helps athletes train.

Athlete or not, you can check out all the motivational and instructional videos posted by Green at his FreeStyle Fitness TV channel in YouTube, so that you can attain the highest level of performance – no matter what your fitness goals are.

5. HealthWise Exercise Channel

How do you feel about viewing instructional videos which are meant to boost your bone strength? Just like the BodyRock TV channel, the videos in HealthWise Exercise feature occupational therapy practitioner Suzanne Andrews. She also serves as the president of HealthWise Exercise – which is just one of the many reasons why her YouTube bodybuilding channel is something that you must check out.

6. Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt

Based on Gilad's hugely popular Total Body Sculpt with Gilad™ running on FitTV, Gilad has created a new generation of Fitness DVDs called Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt Series™. If you are a current user of Gilad's Quick Fit System™ you can incorporate this new series into the QFS. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, youll find Gilads well known teaching style highly motivating and easy to follow and you will improve your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and range of motion.

7. Iron Muscle TV Channel

The man behind the YouTube bodybuilding channel Iron Muscle TV is Ryan John-Baptiste. As young as he is, the fitness model who lives in England has already competed in various fitness competitions around the world. As a Physical Education Officer, you are bound to learn a lot of things by viewing the videos from IronMuscle TV in YouTube.

8. Just Feel Alive Channel

When you first visit the YouTube channel of Just Feel Alive, the featured video is a technique studio dance of a popular song “Whatcha Say”. What better way is there to go for a bodybuilding routine and start building muscle than letting yourself in on the latest fitness workout routines? If you’re a dance enthusiast who would like to reach your fitness goals in a fun way, this channel is definitely for you.

9. Jon Benson’s Fitness Channel

His YouTube bodybuilding channel is called Jon Benson’s Fitness Channel. Benson is a fitness and nutrition expert who has already penned several books, including the popular 7-Minute Muscle. He is also the man behind the Power Density Training System – and the goal of the videos featured on his YouTube channel is to lose body fat, increase muscle and build overall strength and health. Check out more of his YouTube bodybuilding channel to learn more about the Power Density Training.

10. Kelly Lynn Fitness Channel

The Kelly Lynn Fitness channel in YouTube features the fitness videos from personal trainer Kelly Lynn. She also works as a professional video editor and bodybuilder. Basically, her goal as a trainer and in creating this bodybuilding site is to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals through hard work and dedication.

With almost a thousand subscribers and plenty of views on her videos, the Kelly Lynn fitness channel is a definite must-stop if you are looking for the best ways to achieve your fitness goals.

11. Lee Hayward’s Total Fitness Bodybuilding Channel

With videos like the 100 Rep Bicep Workout Finisher, there is no doubt that bodybuilding and muscle gain is the thrust of the campaign of this fitness channel in YouTube. Lee Hayward’s Total Fitness Bodybuilding is all about giving bodybuilders the instructions that they need on how to build muscle.

The videos feature Lee Hayward who is a fitness expert and is currently working as a muscle building coach in Newfoundland, Canada. If building serious muscle is part of your fitness goals, then you definitely should check out Hayward’s YouTube bodybuilding channel.

12. The Reel Ilyse Baker Channel

Okay, dancing may not necessarily be a way to build muscle, but it is one of the most fun ways to reach your fitness goals. This YouTube channel by Ilyse Baker features the author who is a dance fitness guru. Her outstanding dance workouts are bound to leave dance enthusiasts amazed by the way that the routines are done; and how the moves can be incorporated with your regular fitness routine.

13. ThinQ Fitness Channel

Yet another different way of going through your fitness routines is by viewing the Lucy Johnston Cheerleader Fitness Video. The video is just one of the many great things going on in the ThinQ Fitness channel on YouTube. When you visit their official website, you will see that they do not only provide workout routines for cheerleaders – but they offer helpful videos for a general workout as well.

14. Vince DelMonte’s Channel

You cannot be a fitness enthusiast without having heard about Vince DelMonte or his work on the Six Pack Quest. For the longest time, it has become the number one fat loss program on the Internet – along with No Nonsense Muscle Building.

Vince DelMonte’s YouTube channel is just a testament to how far this fitness guru has become. If you’re a former skinny guy who is having a hard time building muscle, then you definitely should check out the routines that Vince DelMonte provides in his YouTube channel.

15. Yogatic! Channel

Finally, no fitness list will ever be complete without touching up on Yoga. Yogatic! is a great channel on YouTube which features Yogic exercises for those who would like to relax and lose weight. The videos feature Esther Ekhart, a Yoga instructor in Ireland whose goal is to help people stay fit, flexible and healthy – one Yoga routine at a time.

There you have it, the top 15 YouTube channels which focus on health, fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss and muscle gain. There’s no need for you to buy one of those exercise videos if you subscribe to any of these channels – which will also provide you with step-by-step video demonstrations of how you can be at your fittest.

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