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What are the best muscle building supplements

Confused over 1000's of similar product claiming unacceptable results for muscle building. Here we have listed out few of the best generic supplements that can really help you boost your muscle gain.

However, going on the records, first thing to understand is that supplements are not necessary or vital to muscle growth. Simply understood, muscles act like catalyst that can enhance your muscle growth rate and potential, thereby helping you to gain muscles faster. However don't expect too much from them. Unlike steroids, no amount of supplements can catapult you into the kind of growth steroids may trigger. But considering the side effects of steroids, its better to stay away from them.


Muscle Building Supplements can only enhance your muscle growth, and don't expect to lie back on a chair and watch your muscles grow. Supplements will only provide nutrients to your body but they cannot make up for a proper balanced diet or a rigorous workout routine. They are useful only if used as supplements to your daily workout routine and a proper nourishing diet.

Some of the best body supplements have been listed below along with a explanation of their advantages and effect on body.


Protein Products


Almost every body builder knows this as one of the basic supplement to the diet that you need to build up muscles. Proteins are made of amino acids that are in turn the basic building blocks of muscle. So if you want to build muscles then protein has to be a part of your diet. The ideal ratio of protein consumption is 1 gram per pound of body weight.

Some of the most easily available forms of protein are

Whey - Whey comes from milk and is separated out during the process of converting to cheese. Whey protein has no comparison when it comes to quality and ease of use. Whey protein contains the perfect combination of overall
amino acid makeup in the right concentrations for optimal performance in the body. It is the highest value provider for BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) that build and retain muscle tissues. Ideal amount of whey protein would be between 25-125 grams per day, going on overdose of this protein will have negative impact as your liver will be overloaded.

Soy -
Soy protein only complete protein sources derived from plants. It is also quite cheaply available. It is a complete protein which has almost negligible test and hence it can be taken up with any other thing. It has host of other benefits too especially for women. There is no upper range for soy consumption, very very few people are allergic to it. However soy takes some time for absorption and does not compares well with either whey or eggs. Also it lacks slightly in its amino acids makeup hence should be taken in combination with something else.

Egg - Egg protein has been used by athletes from a long time. It is easily absorbed by the body and has one of the best protein profile. Egg protein powders or shakes are a better source of egg protein as they are free from the side effects of high cholesterol and fat.

Casein - Its the best protein to take before going to bed as it takes some time to be digested and absorbed in the body. Studies show it to be quite effective in preventing muscle breakdown. Like whey it is also obtained from milk and its slow absorption in body has been shown to sustain steady amino acids elevation for as much as seven hours.

Blends - Blend protein again offer a mix of above protein profile. The advantage being that different rate of aborption and different amino profile complement each other for a richer experience.

There are two other main categories of the protein products that are completely opposite to each other.

  • Low Carb - It is meant for those who are on dieting and will like to keep their weight in control
  • Weight Gainer - There are high calorie products for those who would like to gain up some weight in a healthy manner.


Whey Protein - Best Muscle Building Supplement



Eggs are a good muscle building supplement

Muscle Building Supplement - Soy Protein In Isolated Form



Glutamine is one the most abundant amino acids found in muscle tissues. It can drastically reduce the time it to recuperate allowing you to spend more time in gym and produce better results. Glutamine significantly reduces down the healing time and that is the reason it has been used for post surgical recovery in patients. However do not expect on Glutamine to have miraculous impact on your recovery time, you still need to provide your body with a proper resting period for it to recuperate. Glutamine and Creatine together have a volumizing effect but should not be taken at same time, try to take Glutamine with pre-workout diet and Creatine with post-workout diet.  



Muscle Building Supplement - Creatine

Creatine is no doubt the most popular supplement and its popularity is no hype but due to its effectiveness in muscle building. Creatine really works very well for increasing muscle mass. It is naturally occurring in the body, it's safe and very effective even if you've never used it before. For the majority of athletes and untrained individuals, creatine supplementation increases fat free mass and enhances anaerobic performance. Creatine is a natural constituent of meat, mainly found in red meat. Essentially it's a phosphate carrier. The basics behind it are, creatine increases availability of ATP - the main energy source musclesd use for power, so that you can perform more reps & sets & lift more weight, consequently gaining more muscle mass.

Creatine also increases water storage in muscles in order to maintain homeostasis. This results in more fuller muscles, during the initial phase this muscle mass is mostly due to water as the body adjusts to use of Creatine. Later on the muscles build up to maintain this equilibrium and a 2-5 pound muscle gain can be expected among first time users.

Vitamin/ Mineral Tablets


Multi-Vitamin tablets can be taken up as an assurance that your body is not running short of any vitamins.Since, such a shortage can really hamper your muscle growth, its advisable to go for a regular dosage of Vitamin/ Mineral Tablets.


Natural Testosterone Boosters


Testosterone is a male hormone that promotes muscle gain, helps maintain libido, and helps you relieve stress. Popular products with Tribulus and ZMA, are quite effective in increasing your workouts efficiency.


Amino Acids


Amino Acids are used by bodybuilders as they aid in repair and growth of muscle tissues. The most effective amino acids are again BCAA i.e. Branched Chain Amino Acids.


Nitric Oxide


Nitric oxide increases blood flow in your body thereby increasing the supply of nutrients to the muscles. This is what makes this an interesting supplement. The increased supply should help your muscles absorb more and faster and thereby increasing the muscle growth.



There are thousands of other muscle building supplements available in the market and one should carefully weigh and understand the composition before using the product.

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