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Marcy Olympic Weight Bench - Diamond Elite MD-856 Olympic Bench

The Diamond Elite Olympic Bench, which features 2 weight plate storage posts with Olympic sleeves, allows you to work out when you can squeeze in some time at home. This is affordable and convenient for you, and will work to help you maintain your motivation towards your fitness goals.

This weight bench provies you with a comfortable base from which to launch your intense full body workout sessions. Weights are sold separately. The bench features a dual-action leg developer with six cushioned roller pads and a pivot point.

This pivot point works for the best possible biomechanics by keeping your joints in proper alignment.

Features of the Diamond Elite Olympic Bench:

• Adjustable seat to accommodate incline, flat, decline and military positions
• Sliding seat track for proper lifting positions
• Pivot point on leg developer facilitates better biomechanics
• Two-year warranty

It certainly seems as thought this bench, along with the right Olympic weight set, can get you the body you crave. Free weight lifting has been a fan favorite amongst the athletic for years. Training with free weights tends to result in faster gains, but proper lifting is always key in avoiding injury and ensuring those gains are obtained in a timely fashion.

The material on the slightly cushioned seat is not the most durable. In order to make the seat last as long as possible, you may want to throw a towel down over it when you are sweating it out. For the price, placing a towel down is not a bad inconvenience. This makes a great addition to your home gym.

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