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Ballistic Training: Advantages & Disadvantages

Scour over dictionaries, and you would realize that there are a lot of meanings for the word “ballistic.” It could mean a study of projectiles. The word can also be associated with guns and shooting. It may also mean that a person has gone crazy, angry, or irrational. For athletes and those who are into physical fitness, though, it means one thing: power.

What is ballistic training?

Ballistic training is also called power training. It comes from a Greek term called ballein, which is translated to “throw.” It is normally used by professional athletes and serious bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts all over the world.


It works this way: a person who practices ballistics will lift the weight, increase the speed the speed of the lift, and through the weight into the open space. All these should be accomplished at most 1 second. This is completely different from the normal movements that you do when you are into strength training. There is usually a lag time of four seconds every time you move up and down into the bar.

What is the reason for doing ballistic training?

One of the foremost reasons why you may be interested in going for ballistic training is it increases the speed of your muscles. Your muscle fibers can be classified into fast twitch and slow twitch. It is the latter that allows you to perform more intense and accelerated exercises. If you are slow twitch dominant, you just have to go for exercises that require volume. Besides, building up muscle size, you would also want to increase your muscle speed. You want to make their movements fast and explosive. You want to have more force into your movements.

What are the benefits of ballistic training?

There are so many benefits that you can enjoy if you decide to go on a ballistic training. One of these is already mentioned: you can help improve the speed of your muscles. Second, you would be able to exercise your cardiovascular system more effectively. When you are doing ballistic lift, for example, you are going to maximize the potential and power of your muscles. By doing so, you would be able to increase your heart rate, which, in turn, will also improve your cardiovascular routines and increase your metabolism. This is also a good way to burn fats. After all, you already have a perked-up metabolism.

What are the disadvantages of ballistic training?

It is safe to say that there are more pros than cons when it comes to ballistic training. However, it does not really mean that you have to ignore the downsides of this method. There are quite a good number of people who will be injured during ballistics training. It requires a lot of use of your muscles, and if you have not warmed up or if you have weak muscles, you could suffer from strains and tear. Moreover, the exercises will be pretty demanding. A study conducted in the University of Connecticut reveals that you would have to increase your heart rate to as much as 90 percent and be able to hold that kind of rate for not less than 20 seconds. Simply put, you need a very strong nervous and cardiovascular system to withstand ballistic training. Thus, even before you decide to go into this, make sure that you have already have a clean bill of health from your physician.

What kinds of exercises are usually associated with ballistic training?

Normally, those that have throwing or jumping using an object that has weight are considered to be movements for ballistic training. Some popular exercises, though, include jump squats, push presses, and bench throws.

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