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Apex Cage System - Olympic Weight Bench

If you want to be able to work out at home, any time you want, then you need a good home gym system that you can count on. The reliable Apex Cage System is here to save the day. With this sturdy home gym, you can work your free weight strengthening exercises with assistance from the machine. Even with the extra help, you get the full effect of your strength training.


What comes with the Apex cage system is a lat bar, shiver bar and multi-function bench. The bench comes complete with a preacher pad and leg developer for a full leg workout too. With the system home gym, you can perform a full range of exercises such as bicep curl, bench press, leg extension, squat, leg kickback, and upright row.

Just because the machine assists you with lifting your free weights doesn’t mean that you will have weight plates stacked against the wall. The Apex comes with two weight plate storage posts with Olympic sleeves so you’ve got a way to organize your weights and easily store them.

The Apex Cage System features:

  • Adjustable commercial grade bar and safety catch
  • Chromed weight plat slide system assures smooth motion
  • Nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings
  • High pulley station with lat bar
  • High/low pulley pop pin slide adjustment with tightening feature
  • 2000-pound tensile strength aircraft cable
  • Dual action leg developer with six oversized roller pads, row/curl handle and Olympic sleeve
  • Proper pivot point on leg developer for correct muscle isolation
  • High density deluxe boxed upholstery
  • Back pad features a sewn-in wear cover
  • Chrome sliding track for easy pop pin back pad angle adjustment
  • Measures 104” x 64” x 83”

When you’ve got a system like the Apex, the only other thing you really need in your home gym is a good exercise bike, treadmill or elliptical machine to get your cardio in. While the Apex can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to put together, you can count on the machine to be dependable and sturdy.

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