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Teen Body Building

Teenage muscle building is now a worldwide phenomenon. Most of the schools worldwide today incorporate some kind of weight training classes in their physical education programs. Weight training is the best way to add strength, stamina and give the edge to score over competitors in long run by promoting health and fitness.

Remember that teenage is one of the most crucial period when the body goes througha lot of physical changes hence it is necessary to proceed with caution to stay healthy and to workout optimally.

3 Steps to successful muscle building for teenagers:

Teenage Weight Training.

It is advisable for teens to keep either a 3-5 day week routine for muscle building with each session being under one hour.

  • Don't jump to heavy weights at all, try to emphasize more on bodyweight exercises or lightweight exercises at start. You can always increase weights with time. You can increase the number of repetitions to compromise on weight part. Starting up with higher weights can result in injury since your muscles are not used to it. Ideally around 10-15 reps should serve your purpose well.
  • Don't focus on one muscle group alone, you should be training all the body parts. A great body should be proportionally built, with great arms and back you should also have great legs. So don't neglect any of the muscle group and focus on the entire body.
  • Number of sets should be dependent on muscle group, if you are focussing on a bigger muscle group you can look forward to the range of 6-8 sets, otherwise 4-6 sets should do for smaller muscle groups.

  • One of the most recommended exercises for teenagers is to sports related exercises. Running is a very good exercise for cardiovascular training and very good for warm up before your workout sessions.

Some of the best exercises for teenage bodybuilding are compounded exercises like:

  • Bench press
  • Shoulder press
  • Rows
  • Deadlifts
  • Running

These exercises not only simulate growth of more than one muscle group but are the best exercises for gaining muscle mass and building strength.


Follow a routine

Its very important to understand the need for discipline if you want to build a great body. Some of the sample routines that teenagers can adopt are as follows:

A sample 3 day week routine

Monday Chest  Biceps
Wednesday Legs Shoulders
Friday Back Triceps


A sample 5 day week routine

Monday Chest
Tuesday Arms
Wednesday Legs
Thursday Shoulders
Friday Back

You can design your 4 day routine also depending on what is convenient to you.

Nutrition for teens

Teenage is a period in life when the metabolism is in top gear. As such you can eat a lot and lot. A general guideline for gaining mass is an average of 6 meals a day at regular interval. Meat/chicken and complex carbohydrates may give you the perfect shot of proteins, carbs that your body require for gaining mass. You can take a safe intake of unsaturated fat without worrying too much about it.

Snacks don't carry a great reputation among teens and fitness professionals though they can fill in most of your requirements. However snacks here don't mean ice creams and candies, we are talking of snacks like apple with peanut butter or raw vegetables.

There are 3 meals that you should not miss out, breakfast, post workout meal, before bed.
An example of a daily routine can be.


  • Two meals with a combination of oatmeal, skim milk, yogurt, sandwich, egg whites, egg yolk.


  • A can of tuna, whole wheat bread, nuts, apple.

Post Workout:

  • Protein Shake with milk, 2 bananas


  • Rice, salad, steak

Before bed:

  • Pudding, oatmeal, egg whites.

To supplement all this you need to understand the need for rest. You need to have proper rest after workouts so that your body can recuperate from the training session. Remember one fact that your muscles don't develop while you are in gym, the development takes place while taking rest. Getting a proper 8-9 hours of sleep is one of the most important things.

Getting expert help:

If you are really serious about getting a good physique and a healthy body you should follow expert advice. There are some really good courses available for developing body building that outline very clearly the steps to a great muscular body. You can look over this e-course that guides you through all that you need to develop a great physique . It covers in details all the exercises that we have mentioned as well as more advanced exercises.

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