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How Lack of Sleep will Limit Muscle Gain

One of the most important gifts we can give the body is proper rest and sleep. During sleep, the body has time not only to rest, but also to restore and rejuvenate. In fact, while a person sleeps, the body heals itself so once awake, the individual feels refreshed, focused, and energetic. Therefore, if a person does not get enough, good sleep, all types of problems occur.

For example, a lack of sleep will limit muscle gain. This is true – if you do not get enough sleep, and good sleep and you are trying to build a stronger body, you will actually be making it much harder to achieve your goal. Look at the way proper sleep helps the mind. With a good night’s sleep, you awaken with a sharp, alert mind. This means when you go to the gym to build muscle, you will end up having a much more effective workout and ultimately, reach your goal of a stronger body.

In addition to what a good night’s sleep does for the mind, it also makes a huge difference in physical performance. A lack of sleep will limit muscle gain in that you do not have the proper stamina and strength to get the type of workout needed. When you hit the gym, you will quickly discover that you simply do not have enough strength to perform. Not only will you limit your ability to gain muscle, but you are actually putting yourself at risk for injury by trying to lift weights and possibly failing or doing your workout wrong.

Another aspect of sleep and how a lack of sleep will limit muscle gain is that you will not be giving your muscles the rest they need so they can be built strong faster and easier. Every time you work out, your body must have recovery time. During this period, the muscle you break down during a workout only to rebuild is affected if you are not sleeping. It is imperative to have muscle recovery, which happens while you sleep.


In addition to the above, a lack of sleep will limit muscle gain because hormones are affected in a negative way. To reach your goal of a strong, muscular body, fat burning hormones get to work within the body to include insulin, growth hormone, cortisol, and testosterone. Without proper sleep, these hormones are all impacted in unique ways, which has a direct affect on your ability to build muscle. To give you a better understanding as to how hormones are impacted, consider the following:


To build muscle, the cells in the body need certain nutrients. Again, a lack of sleep will limit muscle gain because insulin levels increase, making the body work harder to compensate for the additional insulin.

Growth Hormone

The next hormone is the growth hormone, which is a huge factor when it comes to not just building muscle, but then maintaining. Growth hormone in the body has a distinct role of regenerating the body so without the right amount of good sleep, levels skyrocket.


This hormone deals with catabolic stress and works by helping with increased energy. A lack of sleep will limit muscle gain because of high levels of cortisol.


Finally, while the other three hormones are vital to muscle gain, testosterone is by far the most important. In this case, a lack of sleep will limit muscle gain by this particular hormone being decreased.

Sleep is crucial to overall health but also building muscle. Although some people can get by on six hours and another person may need nine, we recommend that you strive for seven to eight hours of good sleep. You should prefer a dark room, one that is set at the right temperature, and in the morning, you will feel like a new person with lots of energy for time working out at the gym. Without doubt, a lack of sleep will limit muscle gain so if you are trying to get more muscle mass, sleep, along with diet, supplements, and weight training will help you see the results you want.

The bottom line is that when you get good sleep, you have better concentration, a higher level of energy, better recovery, reduced cortisol levels, increased testosterone, higher levels of growth hormone, a reduction of insulin, and ultimately, powerful muscles. Take care of yourself by making sure you get proper rest and in return, you will not longer feel weak, fatigued, and lethargic but revitalized.

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